Be Still and Know that I am God

The Diocese of Lecce is officially located in the italiaregion of Puglia, Italy…what we know as “the heel” of the boot. The locals, however, prefer the more traditional/ancient/ provincial (however you want to look at it) distinction: Salento. Whatever you call it, this ancient city was of great importance from the period of the Roman empire; before that, it was known to have trade relations with the Greeks. Visiting it, you can still see ruins of the Roman amphitheater and other structures dating from the 1st Century AD or earlier.  Continue reading “Be Still and Know that I am God”

Christian, Remember Your Dignity!

Aristotle begins his Nicomachean Ethics by observing that all men aim so as to achieve the good. Shortly thereafter, he states as a widely-accepted fact that happiness is aristotlethe highest good that all men achieve for it is something desired for its own sake and not for some further purpose. Thus, we want to be happy not because it will get us more money or more things for example, but simply because we want to be happy. No rational human being would argue against such positions. The problem comes in when we try to be more precise about our definitions. Since, however, Aristotle’s wisdom has stood the test of time as something true, not only in his day, AND because I generally think Aristotle was smarter than most other philosophers (PERIOD) AND because I’m the one writing, we’ll be assuming his line of thinking is generally true.  Continue reading “Christian, Remember Your Dignity!”

“…show in us Your power to save.”


IMG_3528A fellow priest once shared with me his “theory” that in “choosing” names for our children, there’s some mysterious way in which the saints “pick” us and thus join themselves to us.  They make themselves our spiritual patrons; that is, one who, in their wealth, provides for the poverty of another.  Whether this is entirely true remains to be seen, but I’m certainly willing to accept it as inside the bounds of the sharing of spiritual goods which takes place between the members of the Church on earth and the members of the Church in Heaven. Continue reading ““…show in us Your power to save.””