Time to Stop and Listen for God


I’ve now been to the city of Venice – Italy, not Florida – at least three times; it shames me to admit that I have, to this point, failed to write much about such a captivating city, well…except for that one time! Having spent the weekend there serving as a chaplain for some American college students and having had one of the most enjoyable visits yet, it’s time to share this beautiful experience! During the course of the 48 hours we were “on the island”, I spent a combined total of about an hour just sitting in St. Mark’s Square. You might be thinking, “Isn’t there tons to do in Venice? Why just sit around?”

The Grand Canal in Venice with the Church of Our Lady of Health in the distance.


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Adore God Alone…

I’m sure everyone has things in their past of which they would be ashamed.  When Frodo thinks that Sam has eaten the last of the lambis bread, and sends him home…when Harry and Ron part ways in Book VII (when Harry arguably needs him the most)…when I – sorry, I’m not going to tell you (it’s just easier to use fictional characters).  You get the idea. Continue reading “Adore God Alone…”