Audiences, Congregations, & Participation

It’s home to the Church founded by the Apostle Barnabasimg_0381 and guided by the likes of St. Ambrose and St. Charles Borromeo. It was historically more important than the city of Rome in the late days of the western Empire. It’s noticeably cleaner and more orderly than “other parts” of the great republic of Italy. Among Italian cities, it’s second in size only to the Eternal City, but the two would rival one another for their importance both past and present. If one, therefore, finds oneself in Italy for more than a month, Milan is a necessary stop.  Continue reading “Audiences, Congregations, & Participation”


“Church Drunk”

To be clear, the Church has some strong words about drunkenness which can lead to all sorts of other serious sins as a result of willingly surrendering our free will (see for example Catechism, 2290), but that is NOT what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is the experience of being around something so awesome to such an extent that you begin to forget just how incredible, amazing, or otherwise awesome it really is! Being in the city of Rome, being “Church drunk” can happen very easily. Continue reading ““Church Drunk””