“…show in us Your power to save.”


IMG_3528A fellow priest once shared with me his “theory” that in “choosing” names for our children, there’s some mysterious way in which the saints “pick” us and thus join themselves to us.  They make themselves our spiritual patrons; that is, one who, in their wealth, provides for the poverty of another.  Whether this is entirely true remains to be seen, but I’m certainly willing to accept it as inside the bounds of the sharing of spiritual goods which takes place between the members of the Church on earth and the members of the Church in Heaven. Continue reading ““…show in us Your power to save.””

Lines Might Have Been Crossed

To squelch any rumors or fears that might arise: no, I didn’t get arrested. The lack of posts in the past two weeks have not been due to any temporary incarcerations…school has FINALLY started (which some might argue to be a more permanent incarceration).  In anticipation of the beginning of said school year, a couple of us took a trip to Siena, home town to – you guessed it – St. Catherine of Siena and St. Bernardine of Siena. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Continue reading “Lines Might Have Been Crossed”


You show me a saint without holy friends, and I’ll find you a cause for canonization waiting to be opened! The beauty of yesterday’s “Tour di Roma” was the affirmation of a simple yet practical truth I’d run across way back in college: saints come in clusters.

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A treasure hidden in the field…

There are many well-known treasures in the city of Rome, and then there are some which ought to be more well-known, yet are not.  Yet, on second thought, perhaps it would be better if they were to remain unknown so as to remain a holy site and not a tourist trap.

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