Awaiting our Only Hope: the 4th Sunday of Advent

After an initial lament, the Psalmist, in Psalm 80, recalls what God has done in days past: You brought a vine out of Egypt; to plant it you drove out the nations; before it you cleared the ground; it took root and spread through the land. In the words of Ps147:20, He has not done thus for any other nation. This great thing the Lord has done for His people, a sort of recreation, paralleling that first creation of Genesis, is recalled, for it shows the utterly gratuitous gift of God. Continue reading “Awaiting our Only Hope: the 4th Sunday of Advent”

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Rome, and the New World

It was bound to happen.  Pope Francis is the first Pope from the “new world” and he’s Hispanic even if his ancestry is Italian.  He’s “American” as understood by everyone south of the southern border of the United States. Thus, when that Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe, which is properly “American”, came up on the calendar, Pope Francis decided to bump the Feast up to a Solemnity, celebrate Mass in Spanish, and invite (more or less) all of the Western Hemisphere to St. Peter’s.

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