Adore God Alone…

I’m sure everyone has things in their past of which they would be ashamed.  When Frodo thinks that Sam has eaten the last of the lambis bread, and sends him home…when Harry and Ron part ways in Book VII (when Harry arguably needs him the most)…when I – sorry, I’m not going to tell you (it’s just easier to use fictional characters).  You get the idea. Continue reading “Adore God Alone…”


You show me a saint without holy friends, and I’ll find you a cause for canonization waiting to be opened! The beauty of yesterday’s “Tour di Roma” was the affirmation of a simple yet practical truth I’d run across way back in college: saints come in clusters.

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Just another day…of the unexpected

This is a city with millennia of history; why should I expect anything other than lots of cool surprises? Yes, I’m a slower learner.  Now, since yesterday was a day that ends in “y,” so it was a good day to visit yet another of the 5,000 (yes, 5,000) chapels in Rome.  This time it was a neighborhood to the south around the Colosseum. Continue reading “Just another day…of the unexpected”