#CatholicFamilyCulture The Spiritual Life

A couple facts have recently dawned upon me regarding the attempt to offer daily bits of advice regarding the building up of a Catholic Family Culture:

  1. The average parent who would hopefully be reading such blog posts, tweets, or FaceBook posts probably doesn’t have time to be checking such things on a daily basis; if you do, that might be another issue.
  2. Being attentive to such things requires a bit of time which is not available to me either.
  3. I don’t need to be emotionally or psychologically bolstered by anyone giving daily attention to my Twitter feed or FaceBook wall.

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As you may know, one of the lesser double_facepalmreasons – don’t ask me where it came from – for my studying Fisheries and Wildlife Management at the
University of Nebraska was so that I didn’t have to be around people. I could live and work in some distant wilderness without being bothered by others. Oh, how God takes care of us, in spite of us! Continue reading “#CatholicFamilyCulture”

Authentically Looking at the Human Person II: A Work in Progress

Last time, we spoke about the need to see persons as persons, not as parts. Because our encounter with other persons begins at the physical level and the way we dress is an integral part of physical presentation, dress is therefore integral to our encounter with other persons. For this reason, it should not be taken lightly. It becomes a concrete way of presenting ourselves to others, so we should present ourselves in such a way that it highlights and respects the hierarchy of our being as body and soul and authentically communicates our dignity as human persons. Continue reading “Authentically Looking at the Human Person II: A Work in Progress”