The Heart of the Gospel: The 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

One of the first days on the job during a summer in college spent doing landscaping, I was asked to remove some grass from a lawn to begin a garden.  My foreman pointed to a small machine that I had loaded onto the truck that morning. As I pulled the sodcutter off the truck, I looked it over slowly and repeatedly after assuring my foreman that I “knew what I was doing”. After he explained how the machine worked, I was able to use it more effectively. Continue reading “The Heart of the Gospel: The 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time”


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Rome, and the New World

It was bound to happen.  Pope Francis is the first Pope from the “new world” and he’s Hispanic even if his ancestry is Italian.  He’s “American” as understood by everyone south of the southern border of the United States. Thus, when that Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe, which is properly “American”, came up on the calendar, Pope Francis decided to bump the Feast up to a Solemnity, celebrate Mass in Spanish, and invite (more or less) all of the Western Hemisphere to St. Peter’s.

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Just another day…of the unexpected

This is a city with millennia of history; why should I expect anything other than lots of cool surprises? Yes, I’m a slower learner.  Now, since yesterday was a day that ends in “y,” so it was a good day to visit yet another of the 5,000 (yes, 5,000) chapels in Rome.  This time it was a neighborhood to the south around the Colosseum. Continue reading “Just another day…of the unexpected”

Priest Where?

This probably should have been my first post, but the childlike wonder of being in Rome consumed me to such a degree that I had to share it not once, but twice! That being said, however, I just wanted to give a “brief” explanation to the idea of this blog. Continue reading “Priest Where?”